WhatsApp Video Calls Can Now Hold Up To 8 people

WhatsApp video calls will now accommodate up to eight people up from just four. In order to reach the new upper limit, everyone on the call will need to be running the updated version of the app.

To start a group video call, you can either initiate the call directly from a group chat or add extra people manually after starting a one-on-one call. WhatsApp’s site notes that its video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

The new feature will compete with the 12-person limit that was recently introduced for Google Duo. Meanwhile, Apple’s FaceTime supports 32, viral Houseparty app supports eight while Skype and Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms service support 50. Zoom’s free tier tops the list with a support of 100 people.

The new upper limit was first available now on iOS, and is now available on the Google Play Store WhatsApp have announced


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