Internet penetration in Kenya

There are 21.75 million internet users in Kenya in January 2021 a report has concluded. Internet penetration stands at 40pc of the total population (54.38 million Kenyans) according to data by Wearesocial in partnership with Hootsuite.

The report titled Digital Report for 2021 estimates the number of active social media users in Kenya to be 11 million up by 2.2 million (25%) between 2020 and 2021.

The number of social media users in Kenya was equivalent to 20.2pc of the total population in January 2021.

According to the report, at least every Kenyan owns a mobile phone with 59.24 million mobile connections recorded in Kenya in January 2021. Of these 85.6pc own a smartphone.

Only 7pc of Kenyans own a TV streaming stick or device. The report also shows that 60pc of Kenyans own and use a laptop or desktop computer.

The report puts about 12.27 million Kenyans (22.6pc) use the internet compared to the 43.45 million (79.9pc) stated by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK)

On average, Kenyans spend about 4 hours 58 minutes every day on their mobile phones. The report also puts the average internet download speed in the country at 25MBPS

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