Earlier today, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, announced that the current card used as a National Identification Document would cease operating in December next year and in its place get replaced by the novel Huduma Namba.

While reacting to the news, Netizens raised questions with the images of the Identification card floating on social media that looked like a debit/credit card.

The Government of Kenya (GOK) has now distanced itself from the picture terming it as fake. “Kenyans have been made to believe that this is how the #HudumaCard looks like. We wish to clarify that this is FAKE and that #HudumaCard has no expiry date. Kaa Chonjo.” The GoK said in a statement.

Now, the official look of the cards has been released. The cards still have a chip meaning they are smart cards. What do you think, hit or miss? leave a comment down below.


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